Our Amazing Staff: Will wear masks when serving you, as always we will continue to wash our hands frequently and wear gloves when needed.  We will take the temperature of our staff before each shift and ask several health questions to ensure that no one is sick and at work. We are cleaning and sanitizing per the CDC guidelines for COVID 19 and other germs.

We are doing our best to keep our staff and guests areas clean and sanitized. 

Our Concessions Stand: All of our normal rules will apply with no outside food or beverages of any kind allowed. Team “Water Only” Coolers are allowed.  

Our Restrooms: We will also have bathroom areas open at the concession stand,  with Multi stall restrooms will have posted that no more than six people can be inside at one time.

The patios, lawn areas and outfields beyond the red/orange fencing  will be available for seating areas for groups of six people or less with a minimum of  six feet between groups. 

Your Part in the process:  The current guidelines require people to wear face masks covering,  their nose and mouth when in serving lines (when you cannot maintain 6 feet apart) and in restrooms and if a person is less than 6 feet away from others. 

Spectators can take off their masks to eat and drink within their group seating area of six or less people in our outdoor spaces. 

Groups can only be 6 people maximum seated together with at least 6 feet between other groups.

Recommendations we need to follow:  Wear a mask over your nose and mouth so we can all be together. And, please always wash your hands for 20 seconds!

If you are sick or have been with someone who is sick, stay home please. 

Sit in groups of six or less people, no gatherings of more than six people. We don’t know exactly why six either but please just hang out with six or less people. If you know another group of six they can sit six feet away and you can still visit.

Thank you for your help in following these rules so we can continue to stay open to serve you!R

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Free Public Walking
Weekday 8am-10am

All Public Walking is Cancelled Due do to the COVID -19 we will post when it resumes. 

Free Public Walking Offered
Weekly, Monday – Friday,  From 8am – 10am !
Coffee is available