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  • ONLY Players, Coaches and Officials allowed on playing fields.
  • Smoking, Vaping, E-Cigarettes and all tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Drugs are strictly prohibited. The law will be enforced.
  • NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL may be brought on to the premise and violators are subject to arrest and prosecution. Any person(s) caught with outside alcohol will be automatically ejected.
  • NO portable utility wagons allowed. Patrons are subject to inspection of person, parcels, bags, containers, vehicles and/or clothing capable of concealing prohibited items. Guests may refuse inspection; however, management reserves the right to refuse entry.
  • NO Gum or Sunflower seeds. 
  • NO food or beverages are permitted on playing fields. 
  • Only 1 team water cooler per team is allowed at each dugout. 
  • NO COOLERS/outside food or drinks can be brought into park. Any person(s) caught with a cooler on the complex will be ejected from the game/complex.
  • Glass bottles or glass containers are prohibited in the complex.
  • Players and Coaches are responsible for cleaning their dugouts and placing trash in nearby receptacles following each game.
  • Littering and dumping trash is strictly prohibited.
  • NO Disorderly conduct, physical/verbal assaults, obscene behavior or profane language will be tolerated. Fighting, throwing bats or any type of severe offense will result in a team forfeit. 
  • NO climbing on trees, fences, tables, bleachers or building structures, etc. 
  • NO skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, ripstiks or other wheeled devices 
  • NO pets allowed on the fields or in the Baseball or Softball Complex. 
  • NO metal spikes are permitted on portable mounds or allowed on the turf. Tennis shoes, turf shoes, and rubber cleats are acceptable. 
  • NO person(s) shall engage in the sale of merchandise. 
  • All postings and field markings must be pre-arranged and approved by the Avanti’s Dome 
  • Specific permission is required prior to posting any signs or decorations.
  • NO artificial noise makers. 
  • Speed limit in the park is 5mph. 
  • NO Private vehicles are prohibited on turf surfaces, sidewalks, service driveways and emergency zones.
  • Car(s) parked in handicapped parking spaces without proper identification or any vehicle found in an unauthorized parking area will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense. 
  • Overnight parking is prohibited including RV’s and campers. 
  • Complex may be closed at any time due to safety related concerns. 
  • No loitering or soliciting is allowed at Avanti’s Dome. 
  • No firearms, fires, fireworks, flammable liquids, open burning, or use of any device with an open flame will be allowed. 


Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate removal from complex. Any person(s) on the grounds during tournaments, games, practices are at risk to be hit with a baseball/softball/soccer ball. 

Be alert at all times!

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